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Friday, April 12th, 2013

FOUR RARE WATCHES FEATURED APRIL 14 at Cowan’s “Fine Jewelry & Timepiece Auction.” Real Time Internet Bidding and Live Auction in Cincinnati at one of the Midwest’s largest auction houses.


1. VACHERON & CONSTANTIN 18 Karat Gold Pocket Watch. Very rare unsigned  pocket watch made for Bigelow, Kennard & Co. of Boston, Massachusetts. Size 12 movement. Beautiful white porcelain face with auxiliary seconds dial. 1890.


2. PATEK PHILIPPE 18 Karat 20-Jewel Open Face Pocket Watch. Very rare, ca. 1910.  Features 8 adjustments and associated display holder. 1891 patent. Porcelain face with subsidiary dial at 6 o’clock.


3. Gentleman’s 18 karat rose gold manual wind ROLEX CELLINI CESTELLO 5330 wristwatch. Sapphire crystal. Genuine crocodile brown band with 18k rose gold clasp. Excellent condition. Very few signs of wear. With box and Cellini pamphlet.  


4. E. MATHEY TISSOT 14 Karat Yellow Gold Hunter Case Repeater Pocket Watch.

Case number 26712. Arabic numerals with secondary dial at six o’clock. White porcelain face in excellent condition, Owner: Solomon S. Curry born in 1840 who opened the Metropolitan Iron and Land Co., the world’s greatest producer of ore.

For more information:

122552 123011126237

Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization (MWCA) and CLOCK GUILD JOINT CONVENTION

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Put it in your schedules May 3rd & 4 2013

Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization (MWCA) and CLOCK GUILD JOINT CONVENTION

at the Kelly Inn


Friday Night May 3rd Robotics lecture at Hopkins high School with Mark Rossheim

Friday night talk will be at Hopkins High school (about 250 seats), doors will open at 7:00. We are looking at  about 2 hours, including time for questions. The topic will be modern robotics, with a target audience from kids thru adults. The presentation will be PowerPoint and DVD based.  $10 entrance fee  Children under 12 free

 7:30pm official start time

Saturday convention May 4th with:

Richard Cox talking about constructing an Astronomical Regulator

Mark Rossheim talking about Leonardo’s programmed moving cart, details of it’s design, implementation and what it does. * POSTER CLICK HERE *

Diann Clendenimg talking about Glass Beveling, stain glass and other types of glass repair

Tomas Chase and Douglas Thompson talking about the Omega Co-Axial care/cleaning/ and theory

Wes Cutter round table talking about the Micro Set and how to get more out of it

8am to 4pm with AUCTION starting after 5:30  $45 convention

SUNDAY hands on May 5th

Richard Cox will present a three part hands on talk about

Reparing or retipping hands,  silver dials and bezels

8am to 2pm  50$

The Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization, affiliated with American Watchmaker Clockmaker Institute (AWCI) the national organization.  Serving the Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin area.

Our Mission

We are the regional affiliate of the National Professional organization for Clockmakers and Watchmakers establishing standards for education and testing for National Certification.  Our goal is to establish and maintain the necessary high standards for quality, systematic procedures, and use of the proper technology to ensure excellent outcomes for each watch or clock service.

A Message from the President – Manuel Yazijian, CMW21 04/2013

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

As you are reading this message, spring has already arrived and I hope you are enjoying the milder weather. This is a great chance to further engage in outdoor activities.

One of the main characteristics of a person involved in the field of horology is the posture many of us have to maintain, and that is of being seated and hunched over a desk/workbench. While there are several schools of thought of which may be the best position, which workbench height is the best or which chair is the most ideal, one thing is for sure, the human body is being asked to be in a certain position for a prolonged number of hours, e.g. eight hours a day.  It appears, however, that the human body was designed to be physically active, judging from the number of joints we have.

While many of us pride ourselves on attaining that best balance wheel amplitude, best delta rate, best finish on a wheel pivot or a case and bracelet, yet how many of us think about the physical condition in which we are in?  Since it is a generally accepted principle that, in order to produce good quality work, certain workshop conditions must be met, such as properly functioning tools and equipment, good lighting, clean environment, etc.  How about the most important element in the equation? You!

Just like you properly maintain the rest of the tools and equipment for best performance, the human body requires regular maintenance and adjustment for continued best performance, so a well-balanced lifestyle is crucial.

There are many types of physical activities that you can embrace if you are just starting out. Start slow and steadily increase over time (it can be months) without overly exerting yourself. Stronger muscles are needed for proper function just as you need your sharp eyes and steady hands. Depending on your age and current physical fitness, you may want to begin with simple walking, hiking or swimming, among others. There are also the “eastern arts” such yoga, Tai Chi and similar forms of gentle exercises which focus on overall health of body and mind. These types of activities will not only help with your physical fitness, but also with your mental alertness and focus. You can even incorporate some of these gentle exercises every day when you take a 15-minute break during work; you don’t have to wait to go home or to the gym for a full-blown intense workout. Once you feel comfortable with one form of exercise then keep moving one level up.  

In addition to being physically active, keep in mind that if you maintain a proper and healthy diet, it will help keep you fit for the life career you have chosen. Be sure to stay hydrated while at work by drinking enough water. The right quality and combination of fuel will only help enhance your performance in the journey of life.

In the end, exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health and have fun. Just like you take good care of the customer’s watches and clocks, so must you take the necessary time to take good care of yourselves.

And as always, keep your skills honed, your standards very high, your attitude professional, your tools and equipment in great condition and your workshops clean and organized; you never know who may come by to pay you a visit.

Manuel Yazijian


AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting 02/12, 2013

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting
Conference Call

Board Members Present:
Michal Blaszczyk – joined at 18:30 MDT
Manuel Yazijian
Ron Landberg
Terry Kurdzionak
Henry Kessler – joined at 18:17 MDT
Jordan Ficklin
Jason Ziegenbein
Tom Nesbit
Wes Grau
Justin Shiver
Fred White

Board members not present
David Douglas

Non Voting or Guests Present:
Paul Wadsworth
Dennis Warner
Keith Rosser

Daniella Ott – joined at 18:45 MDT
Meeting called to order at 18:10 MDT
Discussion regarding assigning a new individual to update finance, meeting minutes and similar documents. – follow-up: Jordan
Reports on top 3 Critical Success Factors by Manuel, Keith Rosser & Wes Grau
 Leadership & Financial Planning
 Staff Development & Needs
 Improved Certification Process
Discussion of timeline for hiring a new Executive Director.
In preparation for the next board meeting (on Mar 12) which will focus on determining the criteria to use in selecting the next Executive Director and prioritizing those criteria, board members will collaborate on what they think these criteria should be.
Discussion of possible members to appoint to Member Network Committee – follow-up: Jordan
Discussion of “vision of AWCI”
Discussion affirming continued commitment to AWCI presence at the JCK show. Assignments given to Marketing Committee and Daniela Ott.
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 20:30 MDT made by Ron Landberg, seconded by Terry Kurdzionak
Voice vote passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned