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New Perkins Book Is Selling Fast!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


The new Perkins book is going quickly—over 20% of our inventory was sold in just the first week!  To order your copy of Antique Watch Restoration, Vol. 1 by Archie Perkins click here. Remember, AWCI members get a 10% discount.

Archie’s book signing was also a big hit at the recent AWCI convention in Denver. He also graciously gave everyone 2 free signed copies of his renowned hand-done illustrations.

Archie Perkins

AWCI would like to thank Archie for everything he did at our convention—and everything he has done for the horology industry!

Watch for Volume II coming soon!

A Message from the President: Manuel Yazijian, 9/2012

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

September’s Horological Times 2012  

I would like to thank all the AWCI members who voted for me for the position of Director on the AWCI Board. I would also like to thank the members of the Board of Directors who entrusted me with the position of president of AWCI. I am looking forward to working with you this year to bring about some positive changes. We are all very lucky to have such talented members on the AWCI Board. Congratulations to the new Directors, Jordan Ficklin, CW21, Mark Butterworth and Mike Blaszczyk, CW21. Thank you to the out-going Director, Joseph Schrader, CMW21 and past president Douglas Thompson, CW21 for serving the membership. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Being a watchmaker and clockmaker for over twenty-five years and having served in many capacities in this industry, I have a good knowledge of its workings, both the positives as well the negatives. I am confident my experience will enable me to propel the after-sales service industry to new heights, which will ultimately result in further stability and growth of the retail sector in the U.S. The two sectors are inextricably linked together; one cannot exist without the other and still hope to prosper.

After having left the AWCI in late 2007 as watchmaking instructor, I had the renewed experience of working in the field again and seeing the way the real world works. The repair sector (After-Sales Service) is not always a pretty picture. The workmanship standards (Standards and Practices), which AWCI has created, is not always adhered to by the membership, as well as the non-membership. This is a great area of concern to me and needs to be corrected.

As part of my election promise to you, I would like to substantially increase consumer awareness of our existence and thereby bring more customers to your doorstep—this equates to more income in your bank account and, therefore, more personal leisure time. For this to happen, you need to keep your end of the promise and continue to adhere to the highest standards attainable when working on timepieces and when dealing with your clients.

If you would like to serve on a committee or have questions, comments and concerns I encourage you to contact me at the e-mail address below.

In the meantime, keep your skills honed, your standards very high, your attitude professional, your tools and equipment in great condition and your workshops clean and organized. You never know who may come by to pay you a visit.

Manuel Yazijian



New Suppliers Directory

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012


AWCI already has a Membership Directory for our members that produces many
free business leads…soon, we’ll have a directory for suppliers to the industry.

The Suppliers/Service Center Directory will group businesses by type. You’ll be able to
compare different suppliers, send them e-mail questions or click to their website to order.

2012 Convention Vendors

Thursday, July 12th, 2012
We are excited to announce our Vendors for the
2012 AWCI Convention in
Denver, August 3rd and 4th!

Please stop by our vendor’s tables and join them for their 30-minute sessions
on specific products and techniques. Now, in addition to …meeting vendors
face-to-face, you can gain an in-depth knowledge of product performance
and use.

Bergeon     -
Cas-Ker         -
Eckcells     -
Jules Borel     -
Kessler/Renata/Gem-Oro    –
Magnum Power  –
Microbattery      –
Mile Hi Clock      –
Siriani         –
Twin City Supply      –

Details on 2012 AWCI Convention

Friday, July 6th, 2012

HURRY! Register by 7/20/12 for “Early Bird” Discounts on the Convention*

*not applicable to room rates 


Please click here for PDF of Education Courses.

Please click here for PDF of Convention AGENDA.


We’ve just added a series of 30-minute sessions on specific products and techniques during the AWCI Vendor Fair.

Now, in addition to meeting vendors face-to-face, you can gain an in-depth knowledge of product performance and use.

The Convention & Educational Symposium Features:

  • Vendor Trade Fair (half-days 8/3 & 8/4) – Equipment, Tools, Supplies & Special Product Sessions
  • Educational Presentations for Watch & Clockmakers (CEUs offered)
  • Network with Peers and Give Input at AWCI Governance Meetings s
  • Fun Events! ELM Charitable Trust Fundraising Dinner Sponsored by Panerai (8/3) and The Rolex ELM Charitable Trust Awards Dinner (8/4), sponsored by Rolex USA. Event transportation sponsored by Swatch.




Sell Your Supplies to Watch & Clockmakers

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Where Else Can You Meet With So Many Watchmakers & Clockmakers at Once?

Only at the AWCI Convention/Educational Symposium in Denver, August 3-4, 2012!

This is your best opportunity to meet with so many potential customers at one time. As an exhibitor at the AWCI Trade Fair you can:

•  Showcase new products

•  Conduct business

•  Meet prospects and customers face-to-face

Consider offering a trade fair special to really build interest and sales. Or, sponsor items or meals for guests for maximum exposure. Call  for details.

How Much Does a Vendor Table Cost?

$349* – Two 8’ tables for two half days including internet and electric, (plus your convention registration fee and hotel cost)


What is the Vendor Fair Schedule?

Friday, August 3rd, 1:30 pm- 5:30 p.m

Saturday, August 4th, 8:30 am to 12:30 p.m


What Does My Vendor Space Include?

•  Free editorial to showcase your products and services prior to the event in the Horological Times July issue and on Editorial information needed by 6/22/12.

•  Two 8 ft. display tables with electric and internet for two half days.

•  Numerous additional opportunities to network with peers and create lasting connections with customers.

*  This fee grants you exhibit space during the trade fair. It does not cover  personnel at your exhibit. Additional staff will need to be
     registered (at the standard attendee rate). Only one Vendor Pass is needed per company to participate in the Vendor Fair. 

Take advantage of Early-Bird Discounts—Register by 7/13/12!

Go to and click on “Convention Registration” for details and registration. Or contact AWCI at 866-367-2924. Ask for Amy Dunn (moc.icwanull@nnuda) or Jennifer Bilodeau (moc.icwanull@uaedolibj).

Click here to download a PDF.



Austin, TX AWCI Affiliate Chapter Newsletter

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Capital Area Watchmaker and Clockmaker Guild

Central Texas Affiliate Chapter – American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI),



Meeting Date & Time Tuesday,  June, 26, 2012 Dinner:   5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Program:  6:00 PM

Pok-E-Jo’s Smokehouse 2121 Parmer Lane (near Metric Blvd.) Austin, TXPhone:  512-491-0434


An auction will be held on 5 to 8 items this month from the CAWCG reserves.  The auction will be between the meeting ending and the beginning of the program: Some items include: Demagnetizer/Magnetizer, Bronze Bushings in box,  Poising tool for watches, Power supply, Watch bushings in glass container in original box, and Miscellaneous Watch Box – parts and more.



Energizer Battery Ingestion Warning

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Did you know an average of 3,400 children in the U.S. swallow batteries annually?

The danger lies primarily in coin lithium battery ingestion, and this segment of the battery market is growing, which could lead to even more problems in the future. To increase your own awareness, and learn about the steps battery manufacturers are taking, please visit:

The Battery Controlled is a campaign supported by Energizer, in partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide, to alert parents and other caregivers to the hidden danger of swallowing coin lithium button batteries.




2012 Ohio Annual Convention

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

The Watchmakers/Clockmakers Association of Ohio’s 2012 Annual Convention will be held July 13 -15, 2012 at the Carlisle Inn in Amish Country south of Akron, Ohio.

(Address & Map are at the bottom of this message)

The 66th Annual Convention of the Watchmakers/Clockmakers Association of Ohio is just around the corner. We would like to encourage you to make plans to attend. We feel the classes will fill up fast – so, as the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm”. It’s not too soon to book your reservations.

The WAO has some excellent educational programs lined up this year with Jim Lubic presenting a class on The Watchmakers Lathe and Harvey Mintz presenting a class on Cleaning Pocket Watches. Robert Miller, of International Dial Co. will inform us about his business of refinishing dials and about his computer software, Repair Tracker. We understand there will be a special price for those making a purchase of Repair Tracker software, at the WAO Convention. Chris Nimon will give a speech regarding the Horolovar Company and the material and services he offers.

There will be dinner served Friday and Saturday evening. This will consist of food served at the Dutch Valley Restaurant (some of that good “Amish cooking”), next door to the Carlisle Inn.

There are lots of things to see and do in the area including, but not limited to: cheese shops, wine shops, antique stores, furniture stores, the Warther’s Carving Museum and much more…

For more information, please contact Bill Miller, 740-507-6040 or moc.oohaynull@rekamhctawrm or Mark Baker, 330-537-3939 or ten.regayovnull@kcolcrekab

1357 Old Route 39
Sugarcreek, Ohio
Phone: 855-411-2275


















2012 JCK Show

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Tom Schomaker teaching a watchmaking class the JCK Show


Here is what a few AWCI members that visited the JCK 2012 Show had to say about the AWCI presentations:

David Kurdzionak was at the JCK show and he said there was “standing room only” at the AWCI presentations by Tom Schomaker! 

Jordan Ficklin, CW21, stated that, “The AWCI booth at JCK looked great and what I saw of one of Tom’s presentations was great.  I’ll be wanting the full set of DVDs.”
AWCI Instructor, Thomas Schomaker, CMW21, taught 6 different classes June 1-3 in Las Vegas the 2012 JCK SHOW.
DVDs will be available for purchase on the AWCI website soon.
Topics include:

1.  Water Testing – Demonstration of both wet and dry methods of testing for water resistance including the condensation test.
2.  Quartz Testing and Diagnostics – Using a modern quartz watch analyzer to check movement parameters and to diagnose existing problems. This will include tips and helpful information for all skill levels.
3.  Watch Repair Take-In Procedures – this program will aid in the development of your take-in procedures. Along with helpful information, there will be tips and examples of how to identify fake brand name watches.
4.  Battery Replacement – Tips and procedures to ensure more trouble-free repairs. Highlighting dangerous practices. Demonstrating solid basic methods when replacing batteries.
5.  Quality Controlling Watch Repairs – Explanations of common problem areas that can be checked before the customer picks up the completed repair. A higher quality of service and customer satisfaction can be achieved by employing some simple checks.
6.  Anatomy of a High Grade Watch – a unique, dissected look at the inside of a complicated watch including the steps involved in its repair. Hundreds of parts, many difficult lubrication points, and a true appreciation of the engineering and design characteristics of these modern marvels.