Watchmaker Preparation

Preparing for the Watchmaker Certification Examination

ClassroomThe AWCI Academy of Watchmaking in Harrison, Ohio, USA offers a state-of-the art classroom and assessment center. This facility offers the latest high-resolution video display equipment for demonstration purposes.

Certification is currently conducted at the AWCI Academy of Watchmaking in Harrison, Ohio or at Research and Education Council (REC) Schools around the United States. Certification examinations for watchmakers are conducted by administrators appointed by the AWCI Board of Examiners (BOE).

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If you’re considering scheduling a watchmaker certification examination, we suggest you follow these three steps:

  1. Review the tool list for certification. You will need to bring these tools with you to the examination.
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  2. To register for certification, please review the exam schedule. Please sign up early. We reserve the right to cancel a class if there are less than 6 (six) participants so we encourage you to wait 30 days after scheduling before you make your travel arrangements. Please contact Rob McLeod, Education Coordinator, at the above address to confirm final scheduling.
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  3. It is strongly recommended that you read, study and work to comprehend the detailed contents of the AWCI Standards and Practices (S&P). There is also a practice written exam and a bibliography to help you prepare. Remember, you need to show the highest skill level. Neatness also counts, as well as accuracy and speed.
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  4. Review the CW21 Technical Guides
    1. ETA 6498
    2. ETA 7750
    3. Ronda 715


The 3-day watchmaker certification assessment includes:

  1. Taking a written assessment over a variety of theoretical subjects
  2. Demonstrating micromechanical abilities by using a watchmaker’s lathe
  3. Performing complete service on a quartz watch
  4. Performing a complete service on an automatic chronograph watch

During the course of the examination, the candidate is required to operate a variety of industry-standard equipment to demonstrate the quality of the work they have completed. Candidates are assessed for their quality of work and their meticulous detail.

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