Watchmaker Study Guides & Videos



Watchmaking Excellence

Watchmaking Excellence: Hand Alignment – AWCI

Basic Service

Watchmaking Excellence: Hand Alignment – AWCI

Function Check – Gear Train – OSUIT Watchmaking

Shock Absorber Springs – Opening, Closing, Removal – LWT

Hand Wound Movement Service Procedure – LWT

Exam Preparation

How Watches are Assessed at LWT


Lubrication Control – Part 1 – OSUIT Watchmaking

Lubrication Control – Part 2 – OSUIT Watchmaking

Cap Jewel Lubrication Live Demo at AWCI


Watch Battery Replacement– LWT

Quartz Watch Diagnostic Testing – LWT

Quartz Service – LWT

Automatic Watches

Classic watchmaking: Barrel Wall Lubrication in Automatic Watches – LWT

Testing the Roller Bearings of Automatic Watches – LWT


Chronograph Hand Fatigue and Breakage – LWT

ETA 7750 Hour Recorder – LWT

ETA 7750 Calendar Setup – LWT

ETA 7750: Letting Down the Mainspring Power – LWT

Watchmaking Theory & Troubleshooting

Calculating the Runtime of a Watch – AWCI

Calculating the Length of a Mainspring – AWCI

Sticky Hairspring – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Overbanking and the Elements which Prevent it – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: How to Determine the Balance Lift Angle – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Rebanking – LWT

Understanding the Differences in Square Pivots & Conical Pivots – AWCI


Geometric & Dynamic Recoil in the Swiss Lever Escapement – OSUIT Watchmaking

The Action of A Swiss Lever Escapement – LWT

Oscillator (Balance & Hairspring)

Hairspring Adjustment 01-LWT

Sticky Hairspring – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Oscillator Disassembly – LWT

Forming the Overcoil – LWT


Watch Bushing Making & Installation – LWT

Case & Bracelet Refinishing

Preparation and Maintenance of Polishing and Buffing Wheels – LWT

Introduction to Buffing & Polishing – LWT

Tool Preparation

Screwdriver Selection & Preparation – AWCI

Preparation and Maintenance of Polishing and Buffing Wheels – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Flattening a Grinding Stone – LWT

Graver Preparation and Maintenance – LWT

Finishing the Presto Hand Removers – LWT

Knurling & Blackening – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Grinding and Setting up a Lathe Cutter – LWT

Other / Restoration

Watch Hand Restoration – LWT

Wheel Cutting – LWT