List of Continuing Education Courses

These courses are designed to help professional watchmakers continually improve their skills and stay current on changes in recommended service techniques. There is a combination of refresher courses, advanced level courses, and courses designed to prepare individuals for the CW21 (Certified Watchmaker) Exam. Previous work on watches in a watch repair environment is recommended, e.g. self employed, factory service center, independent service center, store manager, etc.

Not sure which course to sign up for? Please fill out the Professional Experience Questionnaire and contact us so we can help you find the best course suited to your skill level, expertise, and interests.

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While a confirmation letter confirms your registration, it does NOT guarantee that the class will be held. We reserve the right to cancel a class if there are less than six (6) participants signed up thirty (30) days prior to the first day of class, so we encourage you to wait before making travel or hotel arrangements until this deadline has passed. If in doubt, please call 866-367-2924, ext. 301. Should a class be cancelled due to lack of participation you have three options: 1) You may transfer to the same class at a different time, 2) You may transfer to another class, or 3) You may request a refund.



Bring Your Lab Coats!

Here it is!!! The schedule for 2014, ready for you to plan and schedule your classes. Call and save your seat. Advanced 21 Classes are for CW21s and CMW21s.

 Mar 10 -13

Polishing, Case Refinishing, and Water Resistance Testing

Today’s luxury watch consumer demands perfection.  This course is perfect for the watchmaker or dedicated refinisher.  It will help you achieve the different finishes on modern watch cases. Also covered is disassembly and assembly of common watch cases and testing procedures for water resistance.

Mar 24-28

Introduction to Watchmaking

A survey course for the new or prospective watchmaker covering the basic skills and techniques used by the modern watchmaker.  This class is perfect for anyone thinking about entering the profession of watchmaking or for the individual who just wants to gain a better appreciation for the art of watchmaking.  Students who take this class will be prepared to advance to Basic Watchmaking II.  Before attending students should study Theory of Horology and be familiar with the basic nomenclature of watchmaking.

 Apr 7 – 10

Basic Tool & Spare Parts Making – Level II

The second course in this series designed for both clockmakers and watchmakers is a more customized program to further your micromechanical skills.  You will be designing and making a dead beat escapement for the Hermle 77 movement.

Apr 14 – 17

Modern Mechanical Chronograph – ETA 7750

This course focuses on the service and adjustment of modern mechanical chronographs like the ETA 7750 and is the perfect course for anyone preparing for the CW21 Exam. Students should have a solid understanding of basic service procedures as this course will focus on the chronograph mechanism itself.

May 5 – 8

The Art of Watch Adjusting: Escapement, Timing, and Oscillator Work

This intense 4 day course will help you refine your adjusting skills.  The course covers all of the adjustments for the swiss lever escapement, hairspring and balance.  Also covered is balance staff replacement, poising & adjustments for classic oscillator systems with flat, or overcoil hairsprings as well as the ETAChron system. 

May 19-22

Basic Watchmaking – Part II

Jun 16 – 19

Basic Watchmaking – Part III

July 7 – 10

Basic Lathe Work

This class would be designed specifically to prepare candidates to make a barrel bushing as on the exam. It will cover only the following basic topics:

  • Preparing and sharpening gravers & cutters
  • Basic cutting geometry
  • Turning cylinders in brass and steel
  • Drilling on the lathe
  • Parting off
  • Measuring
September 8 – 11

Precision Timing - Advanced 21

The purpose of this course is to teach the student most common causes of timing errors and methods of correcting them. Performing precision timing exercises, including staffing, static & dynamic poising. Prerequisites: CW21 or equivalent certification or instructor approval.

September 22 – 25

Modern Automatic Watches

The purpose of this course is to teach the student all the fundamentals of modern mechanical automatic watch repair that are most prevalent on today’s market. The student will learn how to perform the various diagnostics in evaluating the condition of the various components, cleaning, assembling, adjustments, dialing and casing.

October 6 – 9

Quartz Watch Repair and Testing

The purpose of this course is to teach the student all the fundamentals of modern basic quartz watch repair and quartz chronographs that are most prevalent on today’s market. The student will learn how to perform the various important electronic tests e.g. current consumption, coil resistance, lower working voltage, fault finding etc.

The AWCI Watch Repair Course schedule is subject to change

* Seats may become available in the full classes; please call Cindy Whitehead at 866-FOR-AWCI (367-2924), ext. 303

  • Students are advised to place an identifying mark (e.g. initials) on all their tools prior to attending class to avoid mix-up.
  • All classes are to be held at the Marvin E. Whitney Training Center at AWCI in Harrison, Ohio unless otherwise indicated.
  • Please fill out the Professional Experience Questionnaire and fax or mail it to AWCI at the address below, prior to attending the course.
  • Click Here for Harrison, OH hotel information and directions from the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati International Airport to AWCI. If using a web-based hotel search service to find other hotels, use the location information found in the box below.
  • Full payment is due at the time of registration.

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