New Class Technology


In 2011 the watch classroom at the AWCI Academy of Watchmaking was equipped with the latest technology equipment to improve the quality of our instruction. This recent classroom upgrade makes every seat a good seat for viewing and comprehending a topic. Instructors can produce better quality visuals which they can control from anywhere in the classroom. This gives instructors more freedom to walk around the room and work directly with individual students.

The new equipment includes:

Two 55” LED/LCD Flat Panels
These are strategically placed so that one screen serves the first rows of students while the second provides optimum viewing for the back rows. These two screens, combined with our central projection screen, give us the capacity to display four different images at once.

Two High-Lumi Projectors
These projectors help boost the color and brightness of visuals on the flat panels to provide exceptional clarity and detail.

Electronic Dry Erase Board
This tool allows instructors to draw over top of PowerPoint presentations and other visuals for a more interactive style of teaching.

Remote Hand-Held Drawing Board
Instructors can take this device around the classroom to individual students for demonstration purposes. This allows more personalized instruction.

Touch Screen Digital Switcher
We can instantly flip back and forth between images through our touch screen and software.

Internet Display Capabilities
For real-time information, we can access and display the Internet. This helps when we need access to technical guides and the AWCI website.

Document Presenter
We can project documents instantly, eliminating the need for the time-consuming processes involved in producing transparencies and scans.

Improved Bench Camera and Microscope
The instructor’s bench now has an adapter for the microscope and camera that allows us to better demonstrate disassembly, assembly and more through larger, more detailed projection in real time

Arbe Polishing Machine
Thanks to Arbe and Jules Borel, we also now have a new Arbe DC-CFSD920 high-end polishing machine for our students.

AWCI would also like to thank Rolex USA and the Rolex Challenge Grant participants for making the new classroom technology possible.