What Is a Case Mark?

When a watch or clock is repaired,  AWCI member horologists “stamp” or “scratch” small letters and numbers inside the back of the case. This system is used for their records and future reference on repairs and ownership.

Why is this Beneficial?

AWCI provides case marks and keeps these records. We will supply this case mark information to the owner of the case mark – the watchmaker or clockmaker – to help them identify their repairs. We will also provide it to law enforcement in the case of theft or forensics investigations. How does this benefit you, the Consumer? If you’ve ever had a valuable timepiece lost of stolen, and it was repaired by an AWCI member with a casemark, this could help law enforcement identify your timepiece.

How Does the System Work?

AWCI has adopted this universal case mark system to be used preceding the horologist’s own information. It is easily recognized by two numbers or letters followed by a delta symbol (triangle) then two more numbers or letters, for example:


This type of information will be inscribed on the back of each case.