Recommended Clockmaker Tool List

Clock repair and service tools for the modern clockmakers shop.

NOTE: AWCI does not endorse specific manufacturers, distributors or brands of tools and supplies.

From AWCI Standards & Practices

Tooling List For Clockmakers

  1. WW style lathe and collet set, tooling (gravers) and burnishers
  2. Measuring devices (with both inch and metric)—calipers is essential,
    micrometer is optional
  3. Number drill set
  4. Assorted files, buff sticks and abrasives
  5. Torch/alcohol lamp with solders and fluxes
  6. Jewelers saw and blades
  7. Bench pin
  8. Letdown keys
  9. Mainspring clamps
  10. Bushing system tools and bushings (KWM, American or Bergeon)
  11. Cutting and smoothing broach sets and handles
  12. Assorted hand tools—pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, hammers, etc.
  13. Staking tool set or punch set and bench blocks
  14. Lubricants, oils and applicators
  15. Cleaning and drying system—that is safe!
  16. Bench vise
  17. Assorted tweezers
  18. Pegwood, etc. for cleaning pivot holes, etc.
  19. Safety goggles or glasses
  20. Leather gloves and work protection gloves
  21. Brass and steel stock
  22. Loupes or optics
  23. A variety of movement test stands

Optional Tooling Recommendations

  1. Drill press
  2. Bench mill
  3. Dental burrs or jewelers burrs
  4. Mainspring winder
  5. Electronic movement timer
  6. Ultrasonic cleaner(s)
  7. Bushing tool
  8. Larger lathe (6” and up with necessary tooling)
  9. Step chucks, bezel chucks and drill chucks (even for the WW lathe)