Genuine Rolex Parts For SALE

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Genuine Rolex Parts For SALE

Postby Joel Held » February 13th, 2012, 11:04 pm

Hello All!

Twin City Supply has been hard at work catagorizing, counting, & pricing our remainder of Genuine Rolex Factory Parts. Ths list is just about done, & we will be mailing it out this week. We will not be emailing it or faxing it. Mailing is the way to go. Once again, these are genuine parts, from the good old days when We could get parts--up to 1995.

If you are interested, please send your complete mailing address, also please include your email address and phone number as well. Once you get the list, we will fill in order of first come, first served. send your address to:

The list is 9 pages long. There are over 300 parts. Some of them may make it onto our web site, Some may even get to ebay, though that is not our intention. (We also just found a number of Genuine crystals that still need to be inventoried: )

Products include:
page 1:
over 30 different O-Ring Gaskets;
7 assorted crowns, case tubes, vacumn valve;

Page 2:
62 different parts; organized by Bestfit numbers, From Rolex 1400 Barrel w cover (#182-915), to Rolex 2030 Set Wheel (450-1107);
includes center wheels, 3rd wheels, many cannon pinions nas hour wheels, minute wheels, regulators, stems, clicks, click springs, clutch levers, set bridges, etc;

Page 3:
42 items, by bestfit number: escape wheels, pallet arbors; many screws: case, plate, ratchet wheel, crwon wheel, click, detent, set bridge, stud, & dial screws--

Page 4: 22 different parts; Rolex 3035, 3055, 3085, Misc parts, by factory part number:
from 95008 Upper Barrel Bushings, to 5243 Spring for jumping hour click.

Page 5: 22 different parts; Misc Rolex by Calibre no & part No:
from 1036 GMT, #7105 Screw, to 2135 #137 Bridle (case clamp);

page 6; 32 different parts
Rolex 3135, 3175, & 3155 Misc. Parts, by Factory Part Number:
from Calibre 3135, #204 winding pinions (qty 8), to; 6620 #746 Bridle for battery (-) (qty 2).

page 7: Misc Bezel & Case parts, hands; 14 items, includes:
clasp pins, Bezel inserts, Rolex hands...

page 8: 51 different parts best fit AUTO system;
from AUTO 3452, rolex 1036 date jumper screw #7085 (qty 7); to: AUTO 9310, Rolex 3035 Lower osc. weight jewel & setting (qty 2).

Page 9: 23 different parts; Bestfit 300 Misc system,
from: MIS 627A Rolex 635 case clamps (qty 4); to: MIS 4141 Rolex 2135 Minute wheel w cannon pinion (qty 2).
Whew! many items have decent quantities, but many are limited to 1 or two pieces. All sales final, no returns.
Thank you!
Joel Held
Twin City Supply 800-328-6009
Joel Held
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