2012 JCK Show

Tom Schomaker teaching a watchmaking class the JCK Show


Here is what a few AWCI members that visited the JCK 2012 Show had to say about the AWCI presentations:

David Kurdzionak was at the JCK show and he said there was “standing room only” at the AWCI presentations by Tom Schomaker! 

Jordan Ficklin, CW21, stated that, “The AWCI booth at JCK looked great and what I saw of one of Tom’s presentations was great.  I’ll be wanting the full set of DVDs.”
AWCI Instructor, Thomas Schomaker, CMW21, taught 6 different classes June 1-3 in Las Vegas the 2012 JCK SHOW.
DVDs will be available for purchase on the AWCI website soon.
Topics include:

1.  Water Testing – Demonstration of both wet and dry methods of testing for water resistance including the condensation test.
2.  Quartz Testing and Diagnostics – Using a modern quartz watch analyzer to check movement parameters and to diagnose existing problems. This will include tips and helpful information for all skill levels.
3.  Watch Repair Take-In Procedures – this program will aid in the development of your take-in procedures. Along with helpful information, there will be tips and examples of how to identify fake brand name watches.
4.  Battery Replacement – Tips and procedures to ensure more trouble-free repairs. Highlighting dangerous practices. Demonstrating solid basic methods when replacing batteries.
5.  Quality Controlling Watch Repairs – Explanations of common problem areas that can be checked before the customer picks up the completed repair. A higher quality of service and customer satisfaction can be achieved by employing some simple checks.
6.  Anatomy of a High Grade Watch – a unique, dissected look at the inside of a complicated watch including the steps involved in its repair. Hundreds of parts, many difficult lubrication points, and a true appreciation of the engineering and design characteristics of these modern marvels.