AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting 06/04, 2013

Minutes of AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting

Conference Call via gotomeeting

June 4, 2013 7:00pm CST

Board Members Present:
Manuel Yazijian  
Terry Kurdzionak
Henry Kessler
Wesley Grau 
Fred White
Jordan Ficklin
Jason Ziegenbein
Ron Landberg
Justin Shiver
Michal Blazczyk
David Douglas 

Board Members Not Present
Tom Nesbit 

Non Voting or Guests Present:
Paul Wadsworth
Keith Rosser
Mark Miller
Beth Grau 

Attendance taken at 7:00pm CST 

Meeting called to order at 7:12pm CST 

This meeting is being recorded by Manuel and we have a quorum per Paul Wadsworth. 

Discussion on Archie Perkins contract. 

Discussion on Computer issues in office.  Keith Rosser is taking care of.  

Discussion on financial issues.

2013 06-04 #1  Motion made by Henry Kessler, 2nd by Fred White – AWCI request that ELM loan $20K to AWCI, to be paid back in 2 months at no interest. NOTE:  request came from Keith Rosser in order to meet financial obligations.

Motion passed unanimously 

Discussion on hiring a new Executive Director (E.D.). 

2013 06-04 #2 Motion made by Henry Kessler, 2nd by Jason Z. – Motion for the BOD to go into Executive session with Keith Rosser and Mark Miller.

Motion passed – unanimously

Recording stopped for Executive meeting – 9:15pm CST for  45 Minutes

Recording started up again after Executive session

Discussion on Archie’s Contract to be signed.

2013 06-04 #3 Motion made by Fred White, 2nd by Ron Landberg, to Sign Archie Perkins Contract on publishing books.

Motion Passes

Terry Kurdzionak – opposes

Discussion on approving April’s minutes.

2013 06-04 #4 Voting to approve minutes.  Motion passes unanimously. 

2013 06-04 #5 Motion  to adjourn meeting by Wesley Grau, 2nd by Ron Landberg –

Motion passed – Unanimously 

Meeting adjourned 10:36pm CST. 

Respectfully submitted by Beth Grau