A Message from Our AWCI President, Fred T. White, CMW21, December 2016


“If you have a strong purpose in life,
you don’t have to be pushed.
Your passion will drive you there.”
~ Roy T. Bennet


Fred T. White, CMW21, AWCI PresidentWe are approaching what is for many of us a holy time and what is for all of us who work in the horological industry a busy time—we hope! As we prepare for this time of year, have we taken a look at our attitude: Is it positive or is it something else? I hope it is positive. Are we as enthusiastic as we can be about our job and what we need to accomplish? Last month I talked about attitude; this month let’s look at enthusiasm. It is that driving force that makes life interesting; it’s that twinkle in your eye; it’s what you feel in a firm handshake; it’s the spring in your step; it’s that feeling you get when you talk about your favorite subject.
     Many years ago I took a class from a little guy from Texas who was a good motivational speaker. On the second day of the class, we all came dragging in after a long, busy day before and, for many of us, a short night of sleep. He said, “Everyone on their feet! Now throw your hands in the air and repeat after me: ‘Oh, I feel great!’” After doing this three times, Mr. Enthusiasm had us all awake, and he continued the class. He was one of the most enthusiastic people I ever met. His philosophy was: Do everything with enthusiasm; give it your all; no halfway in—all in or nothing.
     Enthusiasm is something you cannot fake: You must have a strong belief in what you are doing or saying for it to be believable. Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors, but it takes passion to open them. “If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there,” says Roy T. Bennet. During these trying times when parts are becoming less available, we watchmakers and clockmakers had better be looking for doors to open to help our businesses continue to thrive.
     Many times in my life I have had to go back and look at myself and try to determine if I am positive in my attitude, or if I need to change my way of thinking. If things aren’t going right, is it because of me or something I have no control over? What can I change? Maybe it’s just some “stinking thinking” that has slipped in, and I need to clean it up. Your attitude has a direct effect on your enthusiasm for what you are doing. If you are passionate about what you are doing, then the enthusiasm will probably be there also. Do you look forward to that next repair job, or has it become so routine that you are bored? If you are bored, then look for a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone. Take on a job where you have to think about what you are doing. You are in control of your own destiny; you are the driving force that makes you, you. So, why not be the best you that you can be?