A Message from Our AWCI President, Fred T. White, CMW21, July 2015

The Four P’s of Watchmaking and Clockmaking…


PFred T. White, CMW21, AWCI Presidentassion is defined as “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” If you don’t talk about your work with excitement and enthusiasm, then you should find something else to do, because you are not passionateabout what you do. You should be enthusiastic when you talk to your customers about the repairs you are going to do for them. To you it may be another job, but to them it is a family treasure or a watch they may have carried through a war or other trying times in their lives.  If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then your business will never grow. To quote Wally Amos, the founder of The Cookie Kahuna, “The fuel that drives many of us is passion. If you are passionate about what you are doing, it is impossible to quit. Another strong supporter is Attitude. A positive attitude will see you through just about anything and everything.”  
    Show me an athlete who is not enthusiastic and excited about whatever game he or she is participating in, and I will show you one who is not a good athlete.  The same rules apply to watchmaking or clockmaking. If you are going to be a horologist, then why not strive to be the best horologist you can be?  Read books, attend classes, attend seminars and conventions, and find a mentor. You may think that what you are doing is the best way of doing that project, but when you talk with another craftsperson, he or she may have a better way of doing it and can do the project much faster than you can.  None of us should be an island: we all need a mentor, coach, or friend who will share information, parts, or moral support with us. I have learned more at a table over a drink or in a hallway exchanging ideas with others than I can put into words.  Develop a network of people you can call on to help you. But remember, it must be a two-way street: when they call on you, you must be willing to reciprocate.  Some of my best friends, those who are here and those who have passed on, have been watchmakers and clockmakers. These friends are passionate about what they do. You could say they love their job, their calling, using their God-given talent to satisfy their clients. Ewell Hartman, CMW, FAWI, had a saying: “Enthusiasm makes the difference.”


 I will say more about the Four P’s of Watchmaking and Clockmaking next month when I talk about perseverance. To be continued.