AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting 02/12, 2013

AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting
Conference Call

Board Members Present:
Michal Blaszczyk – joined at 18:30 MDT
Manuel Yazijian
Ron Landberg
Terry Kurdzionak
Henry Kessler – joined at 18:17 MDT
Jordan Ficklin
Jason Ziegenbein
Tom Nesbit
Wes Grau
Justin Shiver
Fred White

Board members not present
David Douglas

Non Voting or Guests Present:
Paul Wadsworth
Dennis Warner
Keith Rosser

Daniella Ott – joined at 18:45 MDT
Meeting called to order at 18:10 MDT
Discussion regarding assigning a new individual to update finance, meeting minutes and similar documents. – follow-up: Jordan
Reports on top 3 Critical Success Factors by Manuel, Keith Rosser & Wes Grau
 Leadership & Financial Planning
 Staff Development & Needs
 Improved Certification Process
Discussion of timeline for hiring a new Executive Director.
In preparation for the next board meeting (on Mar 12) which will focus on determining the criteria to use in selecting the next Executive Director and prioritizing those criteria, board members will collaborate on what they think these criteria should be.
Discussion of possible members to appoint to Member Network Committee – follow-up: Jordan
Discussion of “vision of AWCI”
Discussion affirming continued commitment to AWCI presence at the JCK show. Assignments given to Marketing Committee and Daniela Ott.
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 20:30 MDT made by Ron Landberg, seconded by Terry Kurdzionak
Voice vote passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned