AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting 05/07, 2013

Minutes of AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting

Conference Call via gotomeeting

May 7, 2013 7:00pm CST

Board Members Present:
Manuel Yazijian
Terry Kurdzionak
Henry Kessler
Fred White
Jordan Ficklin
Tom Nesbit
Jason Ziegenbein
Ron Landberg 

Board Members Not Present
David Douglas
Wesley Grau
Justin Shiver
Michal Blazczyk 

Non Voting or Guests Present:
Paul Wadsworth
Keith Rosser
Mark Miller 

Meeting called to order at 7:12pm CST 

This meeting is being recorded by Manuel and we have a quorum per Paul Wadsworth. 

Discussion on Magazine Team is ahead of schedule.  June issue is in the works and July issue will be out 1st week of July. 

2013 05-07 #1 Motion made by Ron Landberg, 2nd by Henry Kessler to make Terry Kurdzionak current secretary to fill the vacated seat by David Douglas. 

Vote taken – Passes Unanimously 

Mark Miller Joined at 7:20pm CST 

Discussion on when the audit is to be completed, and how to let the membership know what is going on and what has happened.  

Discussion on getting a new Executive Director (E.D.)  Tom P. is no longer receiving compensation, and Jim L. receiving compensation until July 19th. 

Need to get the AWCI office and Board back to an “US” atmosphere and not a “WE & THEM” atmosphere.  Culture change is needed between the staff and Board. 

Discussion on who & what the E.D. should be and do.  The new E.D. should be mentored by Keith to get acclimated into the new role. 

Discussion with Keith about the IRA Plan currently in place. (Board was told that none of the staff has contributed to their IRA’s, therefore AWCI will discontinue contributing) 

2013 05-07 #2 Motion made by Henry Kessler, 2nd by Fred White – Move to eliminate annual IRA contributions for employees.  

Motion passed Unanimously 

2013 05-07 #3 Motion made by Jordan Ficklin, 2nd by Henry Kessler – Move to support acting executive Director Keith Rosser in eliminating all employee “Comp” time as of July 1, 2013. 

Motion passed Unanimously 

Discussion on new job titles for office staff. 

2013 05-07 #4  Motion made by Henry Kessler, 2nd by Tom Nesbit – Move that we accept the job titles proposed by the acting Executive Director Keith Rosser, for the new contract employees as well as that for employees Dana Boll and Daniela Ott.

Dana Boll – Creative Director, Magazines and Books
Kathy Ortt – Editor
Betsy Young – Marketing Director
Daniela Ott – Education Coordinator 

Motion passed – 1 abstention: Fred White 

Discussion on when and where the 2013 Convention should take place. Also discussion on face to face meeting to be held in Dallas at Henry Kessler’s business’ conference room for the finance committee & Executive board June 29th. 

2013 05-07 #5 Motion made by Terry Kurdzionak, 2nd by Fred White – Move that the annual meeting for the 2013 be held from September 26-28, 2013, at a place to be determined by the convention committee. 

Discussion as to where to have meeting and best prices for air fare and hotels.  Terry is working on finding most ideal location, and will report her  findings to board in due time. 

Motion passed – Unanimously 

Discussion on putting survey on back of ballot.  What questions should be asked and types of responses received.  

2013 05-07 #6 Motion made by Ron Landberg, 2nd by Henry Kessler – move to approve Keith Rosser’s proposal to do a survey on the back of the ballot for this year’s election, in order to establish a baseline from the voting members. 

Motion passed – unanimously 

2013 05-07 #7 Motion made by Fred White, 2nd by Terry Kurdzionak – to adjourn the meeting. 

Motion passed – Unanimously 

Meeting adjourned 9:25pm CST. 

Submitted by Beth Grau