AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting 06/25, 2013

AWCI Board of Directors Meeting Via conference call
Tuesday June 25, 2013
7 pm Central time

Board members present:
● Manuel Yazijian
● Michal Blazczyk
● Jason Ziegenbein
● Tom Nesbit
● Jordan Ficklin
● Terry Kurdzionak
● Henry Kessler
● Wes Grau
● Justin Shiver
● David Douglas
● Fred White
● Ron Landberg

Non Voting/Guests present
● Paul Wadsworth, parliamentarian
● Dennis Warner, Past President
● Beth Grau, Recorder of minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm Central time.

Motion 2013_ 06_ 25 #1  Jordan Ficklin moved to approve May 7th meeting minutes.  2nd by David Douglas

Motion passed

Motion 2013_06_25 #2  to approve June 4th meeting minutes by Ron Landberg, 2nd by Justin Shiver.
Motion passed

Discussion on situation with office staff concerning current employees and Keith.  The Executive Board needs to keep rest of board apprised of the goings on within the issues of day to day operations.

Motion 2013 06_25 #3  made by Henry Kessler to go into executive session, 2nd by Justin Shiver at 7:25pm
Motion passes

Motion 2013_06_25 #4 to go out of executive session by Wesley Grau, 2nd by Henry Kessler.

Moved out of executive session at 8:28pm

Discussion to leave structure of AWCI as is.
Every Board member was asked their opinion and viewpoint on the situation;
What the Executive Director should be expected to do.

Some feel we need a strong marketing person, capable of travel to meet members of the watch and jewelry industry to learn what is needed, promote our courses and offerings, develop alliances, etc., while also managing our creative and editorial staff in the creation of HT, and also interacting on the same level cooperatively with our Educational Director and our part time CFO and bookkeeper. Others feel we need a
top person responsible for all. Some would like this person to have watchmaking experience, nonprofit experience, small organization management experience, etc. These all must be weighed.

Motion 2013_ 06_25 #5 made by Wesley Grau,  2nd by Ron Landberg to keep current structure in place with addendum that allows education and bookkeeper to address the BOD.

Keep the current structure of staffing, allowing for staff to communicate with the ED, and the ED communicates with the EC, who communicates with the BOD. If any employee feels their manager is harming them or the org, then they move up one level, even if that means jumping to the EC.

Employee – Manager – ED – EC – BOD

Motion Passed, one abstention

Discussion on the Executive Director position and qualifications:
Proven Leadership,

Discussion on salary and Benefits

Henry sending Keith letter to draft qualifications for ED advertisement. 

Voted to keep structure as is

Motion 2013_06_25 #6 on spare parts from Jordan Ficklin:

I move to rescind the Spare Parts Policy adopted by the board of directors on October 16, 2009 and replace it with the statement below:
The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute stands in support of all watchmakers and timepiece owners. 
We declare that the best way for manufacturers to provide service to their customers is to support a diversified service network which includes independent watchmakers, retailers, and service centers and to allow customers to choose where they would like their timepiece serviced. Manufacturers who freely distribute technical information, brand specific tools, and training to interested watchmakers will improve the service experience for their customers and create both goodwill and loyalty. Watchmakers who deliver high quality customer service by adhering to the standards & practices of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute will, in turn, earn the loyalty of their customers.
We encourage all watchmakers whether self-employed, working in a retail environment, or employed by the manufacturer, to strive for excellence and abide by the standards and practices set forth by AWCI.  Access to genuine spare parts is critical to this endeavor and as such we call upon manufacturers and distributors of timepieces to make spare parts available at fair and reasonable prices to all watchmakers. 
I move that the attached letter be emailed to membership immediately and that the same letter be published in the next edition of Horological Times.  This same policy should be added to the policy manual. 

Motions were seconded by Justin Shiver for discussion

A lengthy discussion ensued and each board member gave his/her opinion on the spare parts situation and its impact on our membership.

Roll call vote to adopt the motion, all in the affirmative except for Wes Grau who had to leave the meeting prior to the vote.

Motion to adjourn made by Ron Landberg, second by Terry Kurdzionak
Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM Central time.

These minutes were started by Beth Grau and completed by Terry Kurdzionak

     Respectfully submitted,

     Terry Kurdzionak