AWCI’s Clock Tower


AWCI Clock Tower

AWCI’s “Henry B. Fried Clock Tower” was photographed just before dawn recently to light up the 1924 E. Howard clock movement (at the bottom) and the clock at the top. The tower was designed and the works restored by Joseph Cerullo and his committee when our building was constructed in 1995. As it was dark when this was photographed, we added back in the kind of scenery we see every day around our headquarters in Harrison, Ohio which is in the Tri-State…the part of the Ohio Valley where Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana all come together. In fact, Harrison is divided by the state line between Ohio and Indiana. As we drive around this area we see rolling hills and farmland dotted by some industry. The focal point is the Ohio River and Cincinnati, known as the “Queen City.” If you’re ever in the area, stop by and visit us and take time to see our museum and library.

(Thanks to Daniela Ott for the photo and Sandy Eichert for putting this photo together.)