Industry News, April 2016

Eterna Movement SA and AWCI Collaborate to Educate WatchmakersEternaMovement2016_Eterna-Movement-Baselworld_en2

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute is pleased to be a part of a collaboration with Eterna Movement SA to help develop young watchmaking talent. Eterna Movement SA is partnering with several watchmaking schools in Switzerland and with AWCI in the United States. AWCI will be the only training center for Eterna Movement SA within the United States. In the coming months Tom Schomaker, CMW21, will receive training from Eterna Movement SA in Grenchen, Switzerland, and will receive a selection of sample movements to be used in training in our classroom in Harrison, Ohio.
    The mission of AWCI is setting serv
ice standards and educating the horological community. This collaboration allows us to expand our training opportunities in an exciting way. After Mr. Schomaker receives training, we will add new classes to our schedule. These classes will be available to members of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and to representatives of American-based brands using Eterna movements in their products.
    Eterna Movement SA is a supporter of the rebirth of the American watch industry. They showcased their products at the 2015 AWCI American Showcase in Kans
as City and are working in collaboration with Niall Luxury and other American brands. Their Caliber 39 is a highly versatile movement that can be configured through the addition of modules to form more than 88 different standard combinations.

About Eterna Movement SA
Emerging in 2012 from Eterna SA, Eterna Movement SA is an independent movement manufacturer that crafts high-quality mechanical calibers in Grenchen, in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn. The Eterna manufacturers have been in business for 160 years and have produced some impressive developments. When the brand revolutionized automatic movements in 1948 with the invention of the ball-bearing mounted rotor system, it set a standard that still applies today. But the latest innovations from the company also demonstrate its consistent pursuit of continuous enhancement as well as its desire to master the challenges of the watchmaker’s craft. For example, the Spherodrive ball-bearing mounted barrel system established unprecedented standards for quality and longevity in mechanical movements.


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