Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization (MWCA) and CLOCK GUILD JOINT CONVENTION

Put it in your schedules May 3rd & 4 2013

Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization (MWCA) and CLOCK GUILD JOINT CONVENTION

at the Kelly Inn


Friday Night May 3rd Robotics lecture at Hopkins high School with Mark Rossheim

Friday night talk will be at Hopkins High school (about 250 seats), doors will open at 7:00. We are looking at  about 2 hours, including time for questions. The topic will be modern robotics, with a target audience from kids thru adults. The presentation will be PowerPoint and DVD based.  $10 entrance fee  Children under 12 free

 7:30pm official start time

Saturday convention May 4th with:

Richard Cox talking about constructing an Astronomical Regulator

Mark Rossheim talking about Leonardo’s programmed moving cart, details of it’s design, implementation and what it does. * POSTER CLICK HERE *

Diann Clendenimg talking about Glass Beveling, stain glass and other types of glass repair

Tomas Chase and Douglas Thompson talking about the Omega Co-Axial care/cleaning/ and theory

Wes Cutter round table talking about the Micro Set and how to get more out of it

8am to 4pm with AUCTION starting after 5:30  $45 convention

SUNDAY hands on May 5th

Richard Cox will present a three part hands on talk about

Reparing or retipping hands,  silver dials and bezels

8am to 2pm  50$

The Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization, affiliated with American Watchmaker Clockmaker Institute (AWCI) the national organization.  Serving the Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin area.

Our Mission

We are the regional affiliate of the National Professional organization for Clockmakers and Watchmakers establishing standards for education and testing for National Certification.  Our goal is to establish and maintain the necessary high standards for quality, systematic procedures, and use of the proper technology to ensure excellent outcomes for each watch or clock service.