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Current Tom’s Watch Repair Tip

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Tom's Tips - July 2013

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Presenting: Precision Timing of a High Grade Automatic Watch – Featuring Kari Halme, Guest Instructor

Monday, February 25th, 2013



Precision Timing of a High Grade Automatic Watch

Featuring Kari Halme, Guest Instructor

May 6th – May 10th, 2013


The purpose of this course is to teach the fundamentals and proper procedures of timing a high-grade automatic watch (Rolex caliber 1575). Topics covered will include key terms, COSC tolerances, influences on timing, dynamic poising, timing analysis, balance staff replacement and adjustment of the ETACHRON regulator system. The student will learn about different influences (proper cleaning, part condition, adjustments, etc.) on timing.

The course will also cover the full water-resistance testing procedure of a high-grade watch using the most reliable, modern testing equipment: Roxer Diabolic E, Roxer Natator 125 and Roxer Revelator R1.


  • Membership with AWCI
  • CW21 a plus
  • Minimum 3 years full-time experience in watch repair (and/or) having attended the following AWCI Courses:
    • Basic Watch Repair and/or
    • Automatic Watch Repair
  • Ownership of hand tools as per tool list below
  • Reading pages 99-188 of The Theory of Horology is essential prior to attending the course


Length of Course: 5 days

More specifically, the student will learn about:

  1. Key nomenclature of escapement and regulator parts
  2. Types of balance wheels and hairsprings
  3. Verification and diagnosis of the Swiss lever escapement
  4. Balance staffing
  5. Adjustment and truing of the balance wheel and the hairspring
  6. Adjustment of the ETACHRON regulator system
  7. Definition of key functions of the Swiss lever escapement
  8. Influences on timing
  9. Epilame application and escapement lubrication
  10. Overview of the official Swiss chronometer certification (COSC) procedure and its tolerances
  11. Static and dynamic poising
  12. Timing analysis and adjustments (Delta, etc.)


In addition, the student will:

  1. Learn the latest water-resistance testing procedure
  2. Have a hands-on experience using the Roxer Diabolic E, Roxer Natator 125 and Roxer Revelator R1


Sell Your Supplies to Watch & Clockmakers

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Where Else Can You Meet With So Many Watchmakers & Clockmakers at Once?

Only at the AWCI Convention/Educational Symposium in Denver, August 3-4, 2012!

This is your best opportunity to meet with so many potential customers at one time. As an exhibitor at the AWCI Trade Fair you can:

•  Showcase new products

•  Conduct business

•  Meet prospects and customers face-to-face

Consider offering a trade fair special to really build interest and sales. Or, sponsor items or meals for guests for maximum exposure. Call  for details.

How Much Does a Vendor Table Cost?

$349* – Two 8’ tables for two half days including internet and electric, (plus your convention registration fee and hotel cost)


What is the Vendor Fair Schedule?

Friday, August 3rd, 1:30 pm- 5:30 p.m

Saturday, August 4th, 8:30 am to 12:30 p.m


What Does My Vendor Space Include?

•  Free editorial to showcase your products and services prior to the event in the Horological Times July issue and on Editorial information needed by 6/22/12.

•  Two 8 ft. display tables with electric and internet for two half days.

•  Numerous additional opportunities to network with peers and create lasting connections with customers.

*  This fee grants you exhibit space during the trade fair. It does not cover  personnel at your exhibit. Additional staff will need to be
     registered (at the standard attendee rate). Only one Vendor Pass is needed per company to participate in the Vendor Fair. 

Take advantage of Early-Bird Discounts—Register by 7/13/12!

Go to and click on “Convention Registration” for details and registration. Or contact AWCI at 866-367-2924. Ask for Amy Dunn (moc.icwanull@nnuda) or Jennifer Bilodeau (moc.icwanull@uaedolibj).

Click here to download a PDF.