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AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting 04/9, 2013

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Minutes of AWCI Board Of Directors Meeting Conference Call via gotomeeting April 9, 2013

Board Members Present:
1. Manuel Yazijian
2. David Douglas
3. Wesley Grau
4. Terry Kurdzionak
5. Henry Kessler
6. Fred White
7. Jordan Ficklin
8. Tom Nesbit
9. Justin Shiver
10. Michal Blaczyzk

Non Voting or Guests Present:
1. Paul Wadsworth
2. Beth Grau
3. Keith Rosser
4. Amy Dunn
5. Daniela Ott
6. Tom Schomaker
7. Dennis Warner

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm CST

It has been determined that only 6 video cams can be viewed on screen at one time with Go To Meetings.  Keith will look into being able to add more in the future.

1.    Proposal for Bylaw amendment from Constitution and Bylaws Committee: This proposal would amend the following Articles and Sections of the current AWCI Bylaws:

• 2013 04-09 #1 Motion to change Article VI Sec 3 of the bylaws to read: was made by Jordan Ficklin, seconded by Justin Shiver for “Article 6 – Sec. 3  No person may become a member of the Board of Directors unless that person is an eligible voting member of the Institute, and is currently in good membership standing prior to the election.”

• Rationale for Change:  There are two candidates on the slate who do not currently meet the eligibility criteria as stated, and this change would allow for a fuller slate of quality candidates for the voting membership to choose from. 

Motion passes – opposed by Wes Grau, Fred White

Keith Rosser gave overview of audit update.  Discussion about audit, Perpetuation Fund

Discussion with Amy Dunn about printing Archie Perkins 2nd book.  Archie wants contract for Antique Watch Restoration Books.  We only have one for his Lathe book.  The older contract is to be shared with the BOD for viewing.

Amy is to get a Task Force together from HT & Finance committees with Keith to see if it’s viable to keep printing books.

Keith Rosser gave overview on Status of Finance Committee – review of financials New financial system by 7/1/13 ~ Integrity improved~ Finance committee is to give advice as to how the accounts should be organized such to provide the most valuable information for creating a budget. Motion made by Henry Kessler Repeals Motion 2013_02_02 #5 to withdraw plans to make fiscal year end of year.  Keep it 6/30/13  seconded by Fred White – Motion passes unanimously.

Discussion with Keith on new financial system needed and is waiting on Finance Committee  to get back to him with what they want – 3 user license in Quickbooks has been purchased and the financials need to be available to the BOD uploaded to Google Drive.

Discussion on Pricing of classes.  2013 04-09 #2 Motion made by Jordan Ficklin Fred White 2nd I move to update section 8.2006.04 of the policy manual to reflect the changes suggested by Keith Rosser. –AWCI Academy week long course (Members) $1000 –AWCI Academy week long course (Non-Members) $1275  Motion passes unanimously.

Discussion about Web online course.  Will visit this again in future.  Don’t have funds at this time to develop program.

Wesley Grau gave overview and discussion on CW21 program.  Task Force in place (Herman Mayer, Manuel Yazijian, Tom Schomaker, Tamara Houk, Michael Michaels, Mackenzie Nesbit, Gerhardt Loitz – they are working on new exam, Work has been done obtaining new movements and the exam documents.   Pilot test is being scheduled for sometime in July in Lititz. Currently putting together a cost analysis for the BOD. 

Jordan Ficklin brought to the board that web page minutes are not currently uploaded cleanly

Discussion on minutes now being recorded and are being transcribed by Beth Grau.

Discussion regarding the appointment of  Keith as Executive Director during interim. “Due to inconsistency of minutes from the midyear minutes, it was unclear if a motion was made to transfer power of the Executive Director from Manuel Yazijian to Keith Rosser. As a general housekeeping practice the motion 2013 04-09 #3  made by Jordan F. seconded by Fred White. I move to appoint Keith Rosser as Interim Executive Director effective February 2, 2013 and transfer to him the power and authority given to the Executive Director in accordance with our Constitution and bylaws until such time as the board appoints a full time Executive Director. Motion passes unanimously.

Discussion for when next “Annual Meeting” will be.  Research will be done as to when to have meetings and to be set up on Google Drive for ideas and costs. Also discussion as to whether affiliate chapters should be included.  It was determined by the by-laws that the Affiliate Chapters, IAB, REC are to be included.  Fred White and Terry Kurdzionak will research places to have meetings with reasonable cost.

Discussion on magazine inserts – need to go through review process prior to placement in magazine.  HT committee will look at policies. Discussion on Advertisers in back of magazine – IAB & REC members need to be given criteria on what needs to be done to be a member

Discussion of referral directory & web site.  this will be discussed at a later date after Staff meeting and more information is obtained.

Discussion on Election & Ballots – how they are to be mailed out and tallied.  Scanning ballots is an option and highly recommended to show transparency to members.  Amy has estimates on printing costs and will forward to BOD for review.   Keith will talk to CPA about scanning the ballots and cost.  Also how Burke and Schindler, i.e., the name of the CPA firm will tabulate results.

Wesley Grau made a motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by Fred White. ~ passed.~ Meeting adjourned at 10:18pm CST