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Why become a watchmaker?

  • There is a shortage of highly skilled watchmakers in the US
  • The demand for watchmakers in the US is increasing
  • For every 10 watchmakers that retires each year only 1 new watchmaker is entering the workplace
  • It’s fun and challenging
  • It’s “robot-proof” – you won’t see jobs in watch service being lost to robots any time soon


How much money do watchmakers make?

  • Average STARTING salary for a certified watchmaker (CW21) is between $35,000 and $45,000 annually
  • The top 10% of certified watchmakers make more than $70,000 annually
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What kinds of jobs are available for watchmakers?

There are many possibilities for watchmakers. You can:

  • Work in a service center for a major brand
  • Work in an independent service center
  • Own your own business offering watch service directly to the consumer or business to business
  • Work for a watch manufacturer
  • Work in a retail jewelry store as a salaried employee or independent contractor
  • Work from home

How do I get started?

  • There are several watchmaking schools in the United States, many of which offer tuition free education sponsored by major watch brands. A complete list is available at REC Schools
  • Apprentice with a Master Watchmaker
  • Start by taking our Introduction to Watchmaking class to see if the career is the right fit for you