Continuing Education

All CW21 and CMW21 watchmakers are required to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as a part of the Educational Development Program (EDP)

The complete set of requirements for CEUs can be found in the Standards & Practices document. A summary of the approval process is included here:

CEUs can be awarded for:

  • Attending pre-approved educational classes or seminars
  • This may include: classes at AWCI, classes taught by industry, classes taught at con-ventions and affiliate chapter meetings, etc.
  • Teaching educational classes or seminars
  • Writing technical articles for Horological Times
  • Mentoring an apprentice or teaching distance learning courses
  • Participating in AWCI CW21 Assessment or Administration
  • Educational contributions including book publishing
  • Personal improvement through non-Horological education, volunteerism, etc.


Approval for the above activities should be obtained prior to completing the activity for which CEUs are sought.

Instructors should fill out an application and submit course material at least 6 weeks prior to the course for BOE and Education Committee approval.
Students should enquire with the instructors about CEUs prior to attending a course and request that the instructor apply to the BOE for CEU approval if they have not already done so.