AWCI is committed to providing the best education possible for watchmakers and clockmakers. Unfortunately the Internet is full of videos demonstrating improper and sometimes damaging techniques. Additionally, some topics can't be conveyed well by video. We have produced many videos covering topics we feel can be presented well by this media.

Please enjoy the videos below. They are a combination of videos we have produced along with videos produced by REC schools and others. All of these videos present techniques compatible with the high standards we promote. We hope they help you become a better horologist.

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Watchmaking Excellence

Watchmaking Excellence: Hand Alignment – AWCI


J.M. Huckabee's Random Clock Talks

Basic Service

Watchmaking Excellence: Hand Alignment – AWCI

Function Check – Gear Train – OSUIT Watchmaking

Shock Absorber Springs – Opening, Closing, Removal – LWT

Hand Wound Movement Service Procedure – LWT

Exam Preparation

How Watches are Assessed at LWT


Lubrication Control – Part 1 – OSUIT Watchmaking

Lubrication Control – Part 2 – OSUIT Watchmaking

Cap Jewel Lubrication Live Demo at AWCI


Watch Battery Replacement– LWT

Quartz Watch Diagnostic Testing – LWT

Quartz Service – LWT

Citizen Eco Drive - AWCI

Automatic Watches

Classic watchmaking: Barrel Wall Lubrication in Automatic Watches – LWT

Testing the Roller Bearings of Automatic Watches – LWT


Chronograph Hand Fatigue and Breakage – LWT

ETA 7750 Hour Recorder – LWT

ETA 7750 Calendar Setup – LWT

ETA 7750: Letting Down the Mainspring Power – LWT

Watchmaking Theory & Troubleshooting

Calculating the Runtime of a Watch – AWCI

Calculating the Length of a Mainspring – AWCI

Sticky Hairspring – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Overbanking and the Elements which Prevent it – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: How to Determine the Balance Lift Angle – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Rebanking – LWT

Understanding the Differences in Square Pivots & Conical Pivots – AWCI


Geometric & Dynamic Recoil in the Swiss Lever Escapement – OSUIT Watchmaking

A lecture by George Daniels on the Coaxial Escapement- AWCI

The Action of A Swiss Lever Escapement – LWT

Oscillator (Balance & Hairspring)

Hairspring Adjustment 01-LWT

Sticky Hairspring – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Oscillator Disassembly – LWT

Forming the Overcoil – LWT


Watch Bushing Making & Installation – LWT

Case & Bracelet Refinishing

Preparation and Maintenance of Polishing and Buffing Wheels – LWT

Introduction to Buffing & Polishing – LWT

Tool Preparation

Barrel Opener - AWCI

Screwdriver Selection & Preparation – AWCI

Preparation and Maintenance of Polishing and Buffing Wheels – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Flattening a Grinding Stone – LWT

Graver Preparation and Maintenance – LWT

Finishing the Presto Hand Removers – LWT

Knurling & Blackening – LWT

Classic Watchmaking: Grinding and Setting up a Lathe Cutter – LWT

Other / Restoration

Watch Hand Restoration – LWT

Wheel Cutting – LWT

History / Interest

A Conversation with Henry B. Fried - AWCI

Philippe Dufour Clock Watch - AWCI

George Daniels' Coaxial Escapement - AWCI

History of the Gruen Watch Company - AWCI

The Million Dollar Watch (The Packard Watch) - AWCI