AWCI Webinars

Essential Knowledge for the Retail Watch, Clock, or Jewelry Repair Shop

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How to use Go To Webinar

This power point is to help you become familiar with the features and use of Gotowebinar.



Customer Reception: Take-In Procedures

Essential tips & procedures that will help you make more money on repairs, make your watchmaker happy, impress your customer, and protect you from costly errors.

Workshop Security: Keeping you, your employees, your customers, and their watches safe

It’s a crazy world out there! These tips and procedures will help reduce the risks associated with the luxury goods industry, keeping you, your employees, your customers, and their treasures safe.

Quality Control: What to know before you return a watch to the customer

A few simple things you can do before you give a watch back to the customer which will make their experience better and reduce the likelihood the watch will come back with problems.