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Watch Clock Information, Education, Repair SourcesWhat is AWCI?

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute is the U.S. trade association representing the horology profession. This includes watchmakers, clockmakers and the industries that serve them. The Institute is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of workmanship and professional ethics. We help set the standards for the repair and restoration practices that are taught in North America. Additionally, AWCI supports education for the industry and provides certification services. Click here to learn more about certification.

Look for the AWCI Logo

Professionals who display the emblem of the AmericanAWCI-logo Watchmakers‑Clockmakers Institute have access to the finest resources for information and specialized training. They are uniquely qualified to provide the best advice and service in areas related to watch and clock repair.

Find a Local Professional

AWCI offers the most extensive directory of watchmakers andAWCI Referral Directory clockmakers available. In just a few clicks, you can find AWCI members across the country and around the world. Our member referral directory can provide information on each member’s services and qualifications.

Before you buy

AWCI encourages consumers to investigate the service policies of manufacturers before purchasing one of their watches. AWCI offers a directory of many brands with a rating of their service policies including their policies towards distributing spare parts to independent repair persons. Check out our brand directory and learn about a brand’s policies before you buy.

Have a Question on Watches or Watch Care?

WatchesWant to know more about watch features, watch terminology, or proper care for your wristwatch or pocket watch?

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 Have a Question About Clocks or Clock Care?

ClockFind helpful information on the care and operation of your clock, whether it’s a grandfather clock, cuckoo clock, mantel clock or wall clock.

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Interested in a Career?

AWCI supports education at horology schools around the country. We also provide continuing education to experienced clockmakers and watchmakers. You can view job opportunities on the AWCI Career Center.

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AWCI Case Mark System for Identification

AWCI is the only repository for watch and clock case marking information in the U.S. We have issued over 5,500 case marks to date.

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