Industry Advisory Board

AWCI thanks the members of our Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for the valuable contributions and insight which they give us. The IAB helps us accomplish our mission and better serve our membership. They advise AWCI on the needs of the industry and together we develop educational programs to meet those needs.

In addition to the benefits which come from being a support to the entire horological community IAB members receive special benefits and discounts from AWCI.


Jack Kurdzionak, CW21, FAWCI, Past IAB Chairman

"Our IAB members represent Watch and clock manufacturers, spare parts suppliers, service centers, and other companies who provide supportive services to our membership. Every IAB member firm is dedicated to supporting our membership, and my task as IAB chairman is to help coordinate their support for the betterment of all who are dedicated and working in the horological industry.

 I invite you to join the IAB and participate in its activities and networking opportunities that support watchmakers and clockmakers. Although we may be confronted by some drastic industry changes, none of us has to work alone. The IAB is knocking on your door with an opportunity to help us help each other by working together as a team. Be a part of the IAB and take advantage of this opportunity knocking on your door."