Education & Certification

AWCI’s Dual Roles: Classes
  • To Support Horology Schools
  • To Provide Continuing Education and Certification
“AWCI’s classes are great for watchmakers and clockmakers of any level!”

“AWCI’s classes are the best!”

“AWCI’s continuing education program is critical for the future of Horology. It is important and a must!” – Terry Irby

“I am very happy with the continuing education classes. I have taken 5 classes already and I would like to see some new topics introduced.”

“I am very pleased with AWCI’s continuing education program. The facility, tools, personnel, and trainers are all very professional.”

“AWCI’s continuing education classes introduce me to an opportunity to expand my knowledge (or lack thereof) in a controlled manner whereby I could select courses on an as needed basis.” –Peter Gonzales

Profitable Watch Battery Replacement Class



Promoting education and certification is a vital function of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. The horology industry relies on schools to train up-and-coming watchmakers and clockmakers, and on AWCI to provide continuing education and certification to practicing professionals.