Contributing Author Guidelines

Contibuting AuthorHorological Times Magazine

The Horological Times (HT) magazine is a unique publication. It is written predominantly for members by members. The magazine strives to provide technical and horology-related information that is important to the business of watch and clock repair. HT is mailed monthly to members, libraries and the industry. There may also be additional digital distribution on or the AWCI Facebook page.


AWCI is a not-for-profit trade association. However, a small Appreciation Fee can be paid for published articles based upon length, technical content and artwork. This Appreciation Fee ranges from $50 for half-page book reviews up to $200 per multi-page articles.


The HT Committee reviews articles submitted for publication to ensure they meet the technical and editorial specifications of the magazine. The review committee is comprised of AWCI members who are active in the field of horology and have extensive knowledge in watch repair, clock repair and related fields. Occasionally, articles are submitted which cannot be published. In those cases, we give the writer specific reasons for returning the article in hopes the writer will take the comments and revise the article to meet the specifications of the magazine. Make certain you properly credit quotes and have rights to all photos/art in your article. (If permission was required for use of any materials, please forward a copy of this permission with your article.)

How to Submit Articles           

We prefer that articles be submitted via e-mail. Text can be accepted in Microsoft Word or other text-based format. We request high-resolution digital photos and illustrations for printing at 300 dpi. It is preferable that each digital file be approximately 2 mg in file size. We can accept files in .tif, .gif, .jpg, .pdf and other formats, but we cannot accept visual elements in Word or .rtf formats. High-quality visuals may also be mailed as original art to be scanned, although e-mail transmission of digital files is preferred.

Please contact the Editors for more information or to send a proposed article:


Donna Hardy, Editor, Horological Times Magazines & Books
1-866-367-2924 ext. 306
(513) 367-9800


Kathy Ortt, Assistant Editor, Horological Times Magazines & Books
1-866-367-2924 ext. 304
(513) 367-9800


Topics can include:

Watch Repairs * Clock Repairs * Case Refurbishing & Restoration * Antique Clock Restoration * Mechanical & Electronic Techniques * Clock & Watch Tools * Fabrication of Clock & Watch Parts * Pocket Watch Restoration * Cleaning Products & Procedures * Timing & Testing * Workshop Organization * Equipment * Industry News * Business Topics