AWCI in the Media

Style Guide

We are the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Instiute, abbreviated AWCI. Some people still refer to us by our previous acronym AWI, but our name reflects our dedication to watchmakers and clockmakers.

For interviews or to learn more about AWCI please call our executive director or use the Contact Us Link in the Menu above.

When writing about the Institute, please follow these guidelines:


  • In the first reference, the full name of the Institute is preferred: The "American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute."
  • When shortening the name please use "AWCI."
  • Please refrain from using the antiquated references "American Watchmakers Institute" or "AWI."


AWCI has been a certifying body for more than 50 years and so there are many certified individuals. The guidelines below will help you properly refer to certified individuals. For more information about certification please select certification in the site menu.

  • Our current certifications are CW21, CMW21, CC21, CMC21 please call AWCI or check our online directory to verify certification status before using these titles with any individual.
  • Please use the full titles when first referencing a certified member of AWCI. They are:
    • "Certified Watchmaker of the Twenty-First Century"
    • "Certified Master Watchmaker of the Twenty-First Century"
    • "Certified Clockmaker of the Twenty-First Century"
    • "Certified Master Clockmaker of the Twenty-First Century"
  • In subsequent references you may refer to an individual as "AWCI Certified" or as a "Certified Watchmaker" or "Certified Clockmaker"
  • The designations "CW21," "CMW21," "CC21," or "CMC21" may be added at the end of a persons name.
    • ie: John Smith, CW21
  • Our legacy certifications are CW, CMW, CC, CMC, CEWT, CMEW

Honorary Titles

The Institute has two honorary titles:

  • Fellow of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (FAWCI) formerly FAWI
  • Certified Master of the Institute (CMI)